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Here’s how Ayurveda can be of help:

The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit root words ayur (meaning “life”) and veda (meaning “to know”). Literally, Ayurveda means “the science of life.”

The purpose of Ayurveda is keep doshas in balance and bring a phisical, mental and spiritual well-being sensation through proper and depth knowledge of an healthy life.
An holistic recovery method that use remedies offered by Mother nature, this is Ayurveda. Following its way you can restore, invigorate and revitalize your body, mind and soul

Ayurveda is more than merely a medical system is also a discipline that show us correct way to do any simple daily activities as breath, drink, eat, work, exercise and think too.

Ayurveda helps to maintain the state of health using the inherent principles of nature.

Rig Veda, it’s the more ancient of all Vedas (a Sanskrit Vedic collection of Sacred texts), describe some fundamentals principle of Ayurveda. Three cosmic forces: Indra (God of Air and Prana, vital force), Agni (Godo f fire) and Soma (the Moon). They represent three basic elements of Ayurveda.


Claudia Cannatà

Ayurvedic Therapist

I attained the Master of Ayurvedic Therapist at Maha Atharva Veda in Rome, in collaboration withC.S.R.A.M. (Center for study and research on alternative medicine – New Delhi, India) on 2011.

I attended a two weeks training in august 2011 at Chakrapani Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Center di Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

Followed the course of Ayurveda Dietetics and Cooking, ended in october 2012; Ayurveda Herbology, ended in november 2012.

Actually I’m following the Advanced Certificate Course in Ayurveda Orientation (ACAO), alias withChakrapani Ayurvedic Clinic and the Naturopathy School AEMETRA (Turin).




Abhyangam is a sanskrit word that indicate an oil massage. It’s prescribed in the daily routine (Dinacharya) by ancient texts. Involves in application of pure or medicated oil on the whole body or parts of using specific movement to obtain desired results.

Ayurvedic massage is useful to harmonize all constitutions, its harmonic movements create heat that together with oil act mainly on Vata dosha. So the massage balances Vata, the most important dosha, responsible for the movement of the Air that feed the Fire and made water flow, its balance harmonize both Pitta and Kapha

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Claudia Cannatà

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Mail: info@rigveda.it

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